Yes! At last – Padre on Ms-Windows with ActivePerl 5.10.0 Build 1004

I've just succeeded to install Padre 0.25 on the Ms-Windows PC I have at work.

It wasn't easy at all…

This PC is Windows XP with ActivePerl 5.10.0 Build 1004.

All the times that I tried in the past – I had many problems, including complicated needs to do compilation.

Now I have on it Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 – maybe it helped solving dependency on modules that need local compilation.

Other things that I have just made and helped:

  1. upgrading last version of Encode – using ppm ,
  2. upgrade of Wx – also by using ppm ,
  3. installing Alien-wxWidgets (the same way),
  4. And now – again with ppm:
ppm install  --force Alien-wxWidgets-dev

(I use the PPM from DOS "command line" :-/)

And now – here are a few pictures of my Padre 0.25:

Padre 0.25 main Window

Padre 0.25 main Window

Padre 0.25 - menu

Padre 0.25 - menu

Padre 0.25 - menu

Padre 0.25 - menu


Please note the reversed English letters on the help:

Padre 0.25 - Help

Padre 0.25 - Help

Padre 0.25 - About

Padre 0.25 - About

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