Padre 0.84 – for "Purim" in Hebrew and Arabic

In the last month I got involved in translating Padre – the Perl IDE (== programmers editor ). 

Padre, the Perl editor

Padre, the Perl editor

The Help –> "About" window – both in Hebrew and in Arabic – have the text reverse. This is very funny :-).
The Padre 0.84 appears as: 48.0 erdaP

This perfectly suits the atmosphere of today's holiday.

Today is the Jewish holiday of Purim (Hebrew: פּוּרִים) – and many of us (here in Israel) are wearing masks and costumes,  and feel happier than usual.
So I think it will be just nice to show Padre in its Hebrew and Arabic "mask". 

And … since I love Padre (of course) – I hope to fix it!
Hebrew Padre

Padre 0.84 - Hebrew 01

Padre 0.84 - Hebrew 01

Padre 0.84 - Hebrew 02

Padre 0.84 - Hebrew 02

Arabic Padre 0.84

Padre 0.84 - Arabic

Padre 0.84 - Arabic

And now – reversed text in the "About", Hebrew and Arabic

Padre 0.84 - Hebrew About

Padre 0.84 - Hebrew About

Padre 0.84 - Arabic About

Padre 0.84 - Arabic About حول بادره

And — last one, just for fun, in Persian / ( فارسی == Fārsi ) / Iranian. 

This is because the biblical Book of Esther (Megillat Esther) – which is read in this holiday – is set in the third year of Ahasuerus / Xerxes, the king of ancient Persia.
Persian Padre :

About Padre - Persian

Padre - Persian

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